Building better food and farming systems, together...

At Open Food Network Canada, our mission is to help communities build local food and farming systems that are resilient, sustainable and fair. Our online marketplace is a way to connect and empower everyone who makes, grows, sells and buys local products.

Producers, Hubs, Groups

With the Open Food Network platform, farmers and food producers can create online shops, collect payments, and easily sell products through other shops or groups on the platform. Wholesalers can integrate with existing systems, manage buying groups, and supply products through networks of food hubs and shops. Communities can bring together producers to create a virtual farmers’ market, building a resilient local food and farming economy.

Buyers and Eaters

Open Food Network enables you to buy fresh products, artisanal food, and even flowers, from farmers, food hubs and markets in your area. Discover local sellers, learn their stories, and know that your shopping is making a difference.


Beyond connecting buyers and sellers through our platform, our aim is to bring together people across Canada and the world who are working towards change. This includes the developers and other volunteers who join our cause, the research and community organizations we partner with, and anyone interested in learning more about sustainable local food and farming systems.

Shopping - here's how it works.

1. Search

Search our diverse, independent shops for seasonal, sustainably produced products locally. Search by neighbourhood and food category, or whether you prefer delivery or pickup.

2. Shop

Transform your transactions with affordable local products from diverse producers, makers and hubs. Know the stories behind their products and the people who make them!

3. Pick-up / Delivery

Hang on for your delivery, or connect with the producer, maker or artisan directly. Shopping as diverse as nature intended it.

Shopping that makes the world a better place.

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